Merchant Account Solutions

Merchant Accounts

One of the proven ways to win your client's heart is to ensure convenient and secure way to make payments for the services or products they are interested in. Offering extra convenience will definitely boost revenue by retaining your customers. Merchant accounts are known as a powerful selling tool that can make your business flourish by enabling you to accept all kinds of payments and providing with additional opportunities like Gift Card and eCheck processing, etc.

You will be able to manage and process online one-time and recurrent transactions, track your fees and deposits, keep your account information up-to-date.

Types of merchant accounts

Retail accounts

Having offline business presupposes face-to-face action involving the client and the payment is done via credit card terminal.

Wireless accounts

Wireless transactions are performed by means of laptop, cell phone or wireless terminal.

Internet accounts

Internet accounts are those done through a shopping cart on your site or via online gateway.

Signing a merchant account agreement with the company, they will provide you with payment processing hardware and make sure that banks issuing credit cards authorize all transactions and transfer money to your bank account. Before the bank transfers money to your account, it should first authorize the transaction made by your client and then the processor credits your merchant account and during two days or so money are transferred to your bank account.